Important! Before applying…sign

Please follow these instructions so your application can be reviewed in the next funding round:

  • The lead organisation needs to complete this application
  • Check your eligibility on the ‘Criteria & Dates’ page
  • After submitting your application, email the following to [email protected] within one week:
    • Most recent annual accounts of the primary applicant organisation
    • Evidence of your legal status (if not registered with the Charities Service)
    • List of your board/committee members
  • Your online application can be saved for future editing (30 days only). Use the ‘save and continue later’ link at the bottom of the page and make sure you copy the link provided – or enter your email address to receive a copy
  • To help you prepare, consider downloading this PDF (or editable MS Word version) of the questions.

Responsibility for ensuring your application has been received by the deadline sits with you. After submitting your application, a copy is automatically emailed as confirmation. If it doesn’t arrive in 24 hours, check your spam folder. If you still can’t locate a copy, email [email protected]

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