Criteria & Dates

Annual Funding Rounds

The WTMF committee meets three times a year to assess applications. Close off dates for submitting applications in 2017 are at 5pm on:

  • Friday, 31 March 2017
  • Friday, 30 June 2017
  • Friday, 20 October 2017

Do you meet the criteria?

  1. Positive difference > the initiative needs to strengthen and positively impact communities served by participating organisations
  2. Collaboration > the fund was established to encourage collaboration as a way of achieving great results. The lead applicant needs to be a not-for-profit applicant and to partner with at least one other business, group or community organisation – or be seeking funding to explore potential partnerships
  3. Your partners > a partner organisation would generally be one that is actively involved in the exploration, design/development and delivery of the new initiative, and the relationship between partners one of mutuality
  4. New projects > the purpose of the fund is to help new collaborative projects or partnerships get off the ground

Who does the WTMF help?

  • Groups interested in collaborating with other groups > perhaps to be more efficient or effective. Examples include merging, sharing facilities, systems or team members or undertaking a joint project. Some don’t know where to start – so the Fund may assist with facilitation or meeting costs enabling groups to meet and explore.
  • Groups with a great idea > but requires further exploration before proceeding. If the idea has the potential to benefit communities, the Fund may assist with small-scale exploration or a trial. Following an initial grant, the committee may consider supporting ongoing stages of a project.
  • Groups that have explored the feasibility of a collaborative initiative > that require a grant to get started. Start-up funding could cover small-scale costs, such as shared-equipment, short-term staff or consultancy expertise to modify systems or procedures, website development and so on.
  • The Fund does not provide grants for ‘business-as-usual’ > so if the project in question is considered part of your everyday portfolio, the Fund won’t be able to assist.
  • Grants will not be approved for > political organisations, overseas-based groups, groups involved in promoting religion or for overseas travel. Nor will applications be approved where the lead applicant is not a legal entity (i.e. Incorporated Society or registered charity). It may be possible to use a registered ‘umbrella group’ to act as the lead applicant.

If your initiative meets the above criteria then apply online…

As a guide, grants have ranged from $750 to $25,500, and average $7,500 – see historic grants on the ‘recipients’ page. If the total cost of your initiative is being partly funded from other sources you need to detail this in your application.

Download a brochure on the Fund here…