WTMF grant recipients from the latest funding round.

Download the full list of WTMF grants made since 2009

Fund recipients complete a brief report upon completion of their initiative – download the Grantee Report Template here (Microsoft Word).  

Funding Round Grants: August, 2018

Name of initiative & grantMain contract holder (blue) and partner groups
“Shirley Village Project” – granted $20,000.00 to build on the strong range of support services that currently exist and enable richer understanding of causative factors for issues facing the community.
  • Shirley Community Trust

  • Te Puna Oraka

  • Eastside C3 Church
“Kapiti AgeConnect” – granted $3,350.00 to better understand the extent of social isolation and loneliness of older people in the Kapiti region.
  • Age Concern Kapiti Coast Inc.

  • Dementia Wellington
“Supporting Families in Mental Illness New Zealand Charitable Trust” – granted $28,000.00 to proceed with the merging of seven organisations for increased sustainability, stronger leadership and enhanced community reach.
  • Supporting Families in Mental Illness NZ Inc

  • Supporting Families in Mental Illness Auckland Inc

  • Schizophrenia Fellowship Pegasus Bay Trust

  • Supporting Families in Mental Illness Waikato Inc.

  • Supporting Families in Mental Illness Nelson

  • Schizophrenia Fellowship Wellington Branch Inc.

  • Supporting Families in Mental Illness Taranaki Inc.
“Matamata-Piako collective impact group” – granted $3,000.00 to provide additional capacity allowing a collaboration based on the collective impact model to proceed - one that will ultimately inhance the outcomes for every child born in Matamata-Piako.
  • Morrinsville Community House

  • Starfish Social Services Trust

  • Te Hauora o Ngati Haua Trust
“Te Kotahitanga o Nga Tangata” – granted $20,000.00 to develop a framework across two organisations strengthening proactive outreach and greater connectedness to Maori culture.
  • Thrive Teen Parent Support Trust

  • Waitakere Anti-Violence Essential Services
“Climate Learning” – granted $21,725.00 to increase engagement with organisations involved in climate learning and consider how best to work together to enhance outcomes.
  • Response Trust

  • Our Climate Declaration

  • Philosophy Teachers Assn

  • Generation Zero