WTMF grant recipients from the latest funding round.

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Fund recipients complete a brief report upon completion of their initiative – access our online Grantee Report Form here.   

Funding Round Grants: March, 2019

Name of initiative & grantMain contract holder (blue) and partner groups
“NFC/DOVE” – granted $20,000.00 to continue exploring the merits of strong collaboration, and a potential merger, between Napier Family Centre and DOVE Hawke's Bay.
  • Napier Family Centre

“Unheard Voices” – granted $28,700.00 to build on the first phase of a collaboration that will ensure solutions identified are deeply connected to the needs of those living with disabilities.
  • NZ Federation of Disability Information Centres Inc

  • Complex Care Group

  • Independent Living Service

  • Taranaki Disabilities Information Centre

  • Disability Information Service Otago

  • Northable Matapuna Hauora
“Age Concern Auckland” – granted $17,500.00 to amalgamate three Age Concerns to become stronger and better able to service vulnerable older people by redirecting currently duplicated resources to front line delivery.

  • Age Concern Counties Manukau

  • Age Concern North Shore
“Rare disorder voices” – granted $10,000.00 to strengthen the connectivity of their 120-strong network.
  • New Zealand Organisation for Rare Disorders

  • Fragile X New Zealand

  • New Zealand Pompe Network
“Social - A place for young people to go” – granted $20,500.00 to help with the goal of providing a youth facility for young people.
  • Community Waitakere Charitable Trust

  • New Lynn Sea Scouts

  • Glen Eden Baptist Church

  • Sport Waitakere
“Progression of Unitary organisation for The Neonatal Trust” – granted $15,000.00 to increase operational efficiency across the entities which form part of 'The Neonatal Trust'.
  • The Neonatal Trust (New Zealand)

  • The Neonatal Trust (Wellington)

  • The Neonatal Trust (Auckland)
“Social services for ethnic communities” – granted $20,000.00 to research and develop deeper understanding of the support available, and any gaps in services, for those people migrating to New Zealand.
  • ARMS Trust

  • The Umma Trust

  • Asylum Seeker Support Trust

  • Family Action

  • ARCC

  • Refugees as Survivors New Zealand (RASNZ)
“Potential merge of KTAT & HWFC” – granted $4,000.00 to formalise the currently successful working partnership between Kia Timata Ano Trust and Helensville Women & Family Centre.
  • Kia Timata Ano Trust

  • Helensville Women & Family Centre
“My Life, My Voice: A disabled persons organisation led initiative to grow the leadership capacities of disabled people to respond to a transforming disability system.” – granted $20,000.00 to build on an informal partnership have formed with other Disabled Persons Organisations (DPOs) to collectively capitalise on the 'transformed disability system' prototype.
  • Muscular Dystrophy Association (Tuaatara | Central Region) Incorporated

  • Disabled Persons Assembly (New Zealand) Incorporated